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MODELSPAY - fast and easy on demand model and talent bookingMODELSPAY - fast and easy on demand model and talent booking


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OCTOBER -Model of the month JOCELYN BINDER


We have had the honor of working with Jocelyn Binder many times in the past few months. The Golden Angel Project which is geared toward woman empowerment was one of those times - its meant to give strength  and Jocelyn did just that and beyond. She stands with all women and wants to help them by sharing her story. Please meet the strong and passionate October Model of the Month!


"I am privileged to be the October model of the month as a two-time breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed at 28 I have undergone chemo, a double mastectomy, and am currently undergoing endocrine therapy. I have had more modeling success after battling breast cancer, as my journey has given my the confidence and perseverance to take on any and all obstacles in my way. The Golden Angels project message is close to my own advocacy goals, to inspire and empower other women in overcoming their challenges. I respect and applaud them for bringing awareness and positivity to such a noble cause.I am also pleased to announce that I have a book being published, called "Sexy After Breast Cancer". It provides a step-by-step breakdown of the techniques I perfected in my last battle, that healed me from stage four cancer (with a 24 month prognosis) to remission in ten months! That's right, there is no trace of cancer left in my body!  I am very excited to share my story" 


"As a stage four breast cancer survivor I have chosen the Susan G Komen Foundation to be my charity. I have modeled throughout my seven-year battle and recently received a publishing deal on my book "Sexy After Breast Cancer", which will be released later this month! It's an applied knowledge workbook/journal that provides the step-by-step lifestyle changes. I have posed for many magazines including Maxim and several international Playboy editions! My goal is to help other women facing breast cancer to heal and become happier, more beautiful versions of themselves at the same time!"

Love Jocelyn, 



Having trained with likes of Manny Pacquiao and competed in the prestigious Mr. Olympia competition, Sherry Espera is not your ordinary model. She is driven by an urge to inspire others to live a healthy and fit lifestyle through her workout routines and life journey. Since arriving in the U.S in 2014 from the Philippines, Sherry has enjoyed tremendous growth as a bikini fitness model.

She lives and works out in LA

Sherry emulates Bruce Lee, often finding inspiration from quotes such as “The successful warrior is the average man (or woman in Sherry’s case), with laser-like focus.” And true to the words of the legendary martial artist and actor, she conducts her workout routine with unyielding focus and determination. Even before she became a bikini fitness model, Sherry trained routinely 4 times a week. Aside from lifting, she is also passionate about martial arts and boxing. She hones her boxing skills by training 3 times a week. Her outgoing persona and dedication earned her the opportunity to meet and train with Manny Pacquiao. Sherry claims to admire the work ethic and humility of ‘Pac-Man.’

Genuine and kind

“In our society, the women who break down barriers are those who ignore limits.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger, 7-time Mr. Olympia. It takes inner strength and grit to rise and achieve your dreams despite the challenges you encounter along the way. Sherry understands the sacrifices that are necessary for greatness. As an IFBB Bikini Pro, she has competed and won in a couple of events including the Legends Pro Bikini, Salt City Showdown Pro Bikini, Legion Sports Fest Pro Bikini, and of course, the 2018 Olympia Bikini. 

In her free time, Sherry loves to play the piano and dance anything from salsa, ballroom, bachata, and even hip hop. If you have a passion for anything, go for it, fight for it! In Sherry’s case, she is working towards becoming a registered dietician and actress. By studying these trades, she hopes to inspire people beyond physical training – fitness and health go hand in hand.


Pro Athlete

It takes year and years of everything ones got to become a pro athlete. It takes a personality that you’ve been born with and have cherished to stay focused. You grow up to be disciplined, focused, and determined. 

Competitor for life

Those are the skills you’ll not lose, just because you stopped competing. Often people take those skills and channel it through different aspects of their lives, like in their career, parenthood, business, etc. Everyone can call themselves focused and hard working, but pro-athletes prove it with every competition whether they win or lose. 

Amazing Model

They just know what it takes to get to what they desire. And they’ll always know there’s no shortcut to success. Every time they are involved in a production, no matter how small or how big, wins, a former pro athlete gets a sweet taste of nostalgic success that others have never felt. I’m proud of myself and those like me. 



We had the absolute pleasure of working with this amazing model few times in June and July for various sponsored photoshoots 

From Russia with Love

Yes , Angelika was born and raised in Russia - came to America with the pursuit of a modeling career . You can find more of her pics in the Event phots section on our website. From the Mansion to the beach and back to a Hilltop in Woodland Hills , one shoot after another she just shines. 

More of Angelika

We completed a  photoshoot in Beverly Hills with a Luxury Swim Wear Line by Water Vixen. The shots came out absolutely amazing and Angelika lit up the photoshoot . So we did another shoot on the Beach in Malibu and she lit up the beach !! Amazing model and what a genuine sweetheart - looking forward to working with you again ...........



COMPETITION TIME AGAIN! We shot our incredible American & Dutch Model @alyssiadeutsch as our Model of the Month for March! She received an incredible portfolio shoot with the talented Yuri from @Ycmediainc in gorgeous Florida. 


Modelspay Model of the Month - at Modelspay our goal is to discover beauty and talent everyday and everywhere - and we are! We bring ideas to life with perfectly executed creative and safe photoshoots and marketing. Our content, photos, and video campaigns build a brand with social media power that will resonate.


App will be available within 1 month, we are creating content every week for the marketing ramp up. We have paired up with STK Chicago, Miami Swim Week, Viva Vegas TV, Ceasars Palace, Hyde Bellagio, Ring Girl Competition, Religion Tequila, Hard Rock Casino, Bikini Invitational and many more Companies to provide Models & talent for various events, competitions and expos. 

We have models and talent with combined social media reach of 447,000,000 plus. 

Please let us know if you would like to feature your product with our growing influencer list 

Elise Natalie-featured model of the month, congratulations!!


It’s COMPETITION TIME! We shot our incredible Australian Model @elise_natalie as our first Model of the Month for January! She received an incredible portfolio shoot with @liquidstarphotography and designers @catwalk_connection and @nadinemerabi. 


Modelspay Model of the Month - at Modelspay our goal is to discover beauty and talent everyday and everywhere - and we are! We bring ideas to life with perfectly executed creative and safe photoshoots and marketing. Our content, photos, and video campaigns build a brand with social media power that will resonate.


Mobile apps are the next step in connecting your business with your target audience no matter what device they are on. We can help hiring and develop brand-to-model relationships through our app to ensure growth for you and your brand.Our dynamic photo/marketing team gets results. We apply a series of customized tactics to bring qualified photo and marketing content to you same day, build relevant marketing materials that converts to revenue and sales.


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