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We have a Free Modeling App launching soon that will revolutionize the modeling industry and will improve the way models and talent are BOOKED and PAID



Models/talent are hired through Modelspay for advertising, spokes-modeling, appearances, commercials, Expo events,photoshoots, conventions, modeling campaigns as well as commercials. 


We want to help you get more out of modeling through Modelspay, and Modelspay Ads will amplify your efforts. Personal branding can benefit you as well as the company you work for. 


Luxury Brands deserve the best exposure possible. With Modelspay we will ncrease your social media presence and engagement, and that will result in more brand awareness and earnings. 

Ring Girl Competition Bellagio Las Vegas may 2018

Another Amazing Event for Modelspay

ModelsPay teamed up with Viva Vegas TV for an event in Las Vegas, to compete for an opportunity to become a Ring Girl for internationally televised, Prime Time boxing! Thank you to Hyde Bellagio for an amazing venue!

Modelspay Winning!

One of ModelsPay very own, Jacky @iamjaqueline placed Top 5, to earn a spot in the final round of Viva Vegas TV Ring Girl!!

Future Vegas Events

Las Vegas will be a hot spot for ModelsPay booking models for events, expos, photoshoots and lots of amazing opportunities! 

professional photography

High Impact advertising

If customers can’t find it, if your product can't be seen -  it doesn’t exist. We offer High Impact photography and marketing with our social media influencers that range in high millions.    

Announce coming events

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it. Hire our team to do a social media campaign for your even/product. 


Our customers are raving about us on social media! The testimonials below show that our models LOVE working with our team and create phenomenal marketing content. 

Promote current deals

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Labor Day is around the corner -Definitely promote it and get your customers excited about getting a sweet deal. 

Share the big news

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or merchandise? Don't keep it to yourself, let the world  know ! We can  help you turn a potential customers into loyal ones. 


Our gorgeous models/talent have millions of fans on Social Media - lets find the perfect ones for you and your campaign. We work with over 1100+ models and counting....  

If you have questions, we have answers. 

About Us


Luxurious APP based modeling/talent and marketing platform featuring top models and talent from around the world. Corporations as well as top brands will be able to hire, staff events, and create promotions on demand. We represent fashion, fitness, glamour, commercial, runway, fit, alternative, plus size, mature, petite size models and talent. App coming soon on iOS and Android. 


The core objective of this application is to provide a  platform to all App users. This platform will help companies to find suitable candidates for remote or on site jobs. While it will help models/talent to get jobs, earn and to grow their skills and getting in touch with several companies - this will also help them in their career growth. The App is providing a secure payment system and therefore facilitates company and performer in completing jobs and have a successful transaction. 


We bring marketing ideas from inception to life with our creative team. Thousands of opportunities, supreme online exposure, thousands of brands, same day payment - all aspects of greatness.

You will be able to create a profile, upload your beautiful pictures and videos and we will show it to the world !



Registration on Modelspay is free of any charge for the models! Set up your profile, your past work history, your short videos and your preferences of work, and we will do the rest. We will be marketing Modelspay on all of the social sites to promote our models to get more paid work and help in their career growth. 


Through our app you can be hired to work for the best brands, advertise market, be a spokesmodel, participate in expo appearances, photoshoots, conventions, product placements and many more! Our app provides a secure payment system, so once your job is done and approved our app releases the money directly to your account. So no more waiting for checks with us you have the money the same day!


The benefit of joining MODELSPAY is that you can be easily noticed and contacted directly by best brands and companies.We provide you thousands of opportunities, more online exposure, thousands of brands, same day payment - all aspects of greatness.No more agents or a middleman with us you take your future into your own hands


Shayra @shay_medal

I have been with modelspay for a couple of months now and I can truly say that I enjoyed my time and I love how they take the time to expand my horizons by creating various concepts for photo shoots. they truly try to capture all of my best potentials so that I’m professionally portrayed to the modeling industry. I look forward to further collaborations and what the future has in store. Thank you ModelsPay!!!   Love -shay

Natalia @nataliaxluv

-As a model I have worked with many agencies and photographers but I would have to say that working with Modelspay is a cut above the rest.  The photos are absolutely gorgeous and it was such a pleasure working with everyone involved.  Professional top notch experience from beginning to end.  Looking forward to working with Modelspay again! 

Best Regards,


Amber @amberquinn328


I loved working with Modelspay because there was no questioning if I was going to get paid on time like many other jobs. Things were all scheduled and planned professionally and I got paid the same day I finished the job. I’ll always say yes to getting booked by this company because you are guaranteed to have a great shoot and receive payment. 

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Amber Q.  

Andrea @playmateandrea

During my years of modeling i have worked  with many agencies and photographers in various countries, and i have to say working with Modelspay team is very smooth and seamless. The team works fast and efficient with edits and publishing, and their locations are amazing - always on time and very professional ~ 


Tia Marie

Working with Modelspay was such a pleasure! I had so much fun. Everyone was so professional and kind to me. I would love to work with the team again in the near future. 

Tia Marie Hamilton


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